End Matter

This web site is primarily concerned with Harriet the Spy and its long after-life in a variety of media and formats. Other aspects of the work of Louise Fitzhugh remain less explored here. Nobody’s Family is Going to Change is a fascinating work. I have not tracked down the Publisher’s Weekly review which so upset Fitzhugh, nor reviews of the Broadway musical that was derived from it, “The Tap Dance Kid.” I do not know where Fitzhugh’s personal papers can now be found, since the death of her literary executor Lois Morehead. It is possible that Phyllis Wender, a literary agent who has represented Fitzhugh’s estate, might know where they could be found. Other leads that I have not followed are the many reviews for all of Fitzhugh’s books, and scholarly articles which consider Harriet from a literary criticism point of view. I have been mostly concerned here with social aspects of the book and its publication history.

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