Mooching in Melbourne

Australia/Hong Kong 2010

The photos I’ve shown here (throughout the site, actually) are all unedited jpegs taken right out of the camera (a Nikon D40 in the case of the Australia trip). They’re composed in the camera, uncropped & uncorrected. Most of them were shot in Program mode, although I controlled exposure. They represent an honest attempt to …

F4 0.2  sec ISO 1600

Long Lens, Low Light

Like everybody else, I’m in love with the golden light just at/after sunset.  I had a 55-200mm f/4-5.6 Nikon lens mounted almost all the time in Australia, because I was just enchanted with the birds (almost always far-ish away) and the architectural details of the buildings in Melbourne.  But even with VR, shooting handheld at …

It's a Silver Gull - so common that in Australia it's what they mean when they say "seagull."

Silver Gull

It’s a Silver Gull – so common that in Australia it’s what they mean when they say “seagull.” Here are a gull & a hipster studiously avoiding looking at each other:


So here’s the thing …

I’m hoping to use this blog to document some of the things I do right and wrong as a photographer.  First, and probably most important, I’m not a photographer — I like taking pictures, and I’m trying to get better at it.  As I move through the world, I see some things as “pictures” — …

Just a mallard - July 2009

The summer duck crop

Lots of predators in the park … they don’t always last long.  But this little one survived to return the next year. Here he is learning to navigate the obstacle course: