• I don’t know, I just love this picture

    I love the way the focus falls off so precipitously — her specula are crisp, her head’s in soft focus, the background’s a blur. This is another great thing about a long lens. It’s the same effect in this photo from Trout Lake: I know, I know, I should be focussed on the eye, but …

  • Mallard Hens at the Gardens

    The Sun Yat Sen Gardens really show the mallard hens off in the summer. The ponds are lined with clay to reflect the sky, and on a bright blue day the blue speculum just pops. Afoot, she’s nothing to sneeze at either:

  • Summer ducklings, redux

    (To be honest, I’m just checking in with the duckies to make that redux joke.) There were more, but these two survived …

  • Woodpeckers, big & small

    That’s a downy, I think, and this big gal is a Northern flicker. Note the stiff-tail feathers deal they both do. You can spot woodpeckers feeding by the angle.